Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I like love fonts.  I am what some would call a font hoarder. I literally have thousands of fonts on my computer, and thousands more that are not installed because it slows down my computer.  I think so many feelings can be conveyed with words, and using the proper font can further enhance the feel.  You don't need colorful crazy drawings, or pictures.  When I put together designs for invitations or signs, or whatever else I am working on, I spend several minutes browsing through my fonts to find the "perfect" font.  Using a good font can make the difference in a piece looking like art vs looking like someone typed it out in Word.

There are plenty of good free fonts available on the web.  My favorite site for free fonts is  Literally, hundreds of FREE fonts.  Next time you try making something, try downloading some fun fonts to give it a little extra oomph. And please, oh please, do not use Comic's never a good font.

(source: Pinterest)


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